Friday, September 25, 2015

1940's Hollywood vs. 2001 Hollywood or What was Joe Simon drinking?

The  Super Suit  Ralph!

Joe Simon designed Caps's Star Spangled  Uniform. What he was on I will never know. How do you explain his outfit if he wasn't in the USO. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely did a great job explaing it was a USO costume in THE FIRST AVENGER. 

The 1990 CAPTAIN AMERICA compliments the 1998 Hasslehoff Nick Fury. They got the costume almost perfect. They left off the star on the back. The ears are fake but it works. Too bad they got nothing else right. The shield looks as though it came with a wiffle ball and bat.
To round this era off, if you can get a copy of Roger Corman's Fantastic
 Four. Actually none of the Fantastic Fours were any good. 
 Ferrigno's HULK....

Then the evolution of Rogers'
uniform in the FIRST AVENGER.

 OK enough of the History on film that doesn't help to explain what Mr.Simon was thinking. The pirate boots I've always read as a nod to the American Revolution. They look like Washington's boots. Not red of course. 
The suit is amazing. It's What Hugo Boss did for the Nazis. This is not camouflage. This is someone that is out front. He is the flag bearer.
The Greatest American Hero
Jimmy Stewart is the Greatest American Hero.
This star of Mr.Smith Goes To Washington is in reality a World War II hero. Look up what this man did. I don't see anyone today in Hollywood doing what this man did for his country.
Gary Senise is in his own category with Denzel Washington God bless them for what they do for our troops...  John Wayne is Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper. They both made great war films. They were both based on real American heroes. Great movies. Also great for morale.
But John Wayne was in every service on the Silver Screen. He was good for morale. Clark Gable Served. Humphrey Bogart got his lisp from a piece of wood that splintered up from the deck of his ship in WWI.
Lee Marvin from The Dirty dozen was a Marine in the Pacific theatre in WWII. Jack 'The King" Kirby also served in WWII.

Here I have a quasi-Kirby character played by James Cagney. if you look at the cover of the first CAPTAIN AMERICA comic take a look at Bucky. I could also see Cagney handling a Tommy-gun at the age of 16.

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