Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Conspiracies. The first one I ever heard involved, believe it or not  SUPERMAN. George Reeves (the only Superman) after playing the character on television for five years thought he was actually Superman and jumped out of a window. Later on I heard he had actually shot himself. Even that became a conspiracy. His wild, party girl, fiancee killed him......

George Reeves was an angry Superman. You could see him keeping his cool but simmering just below was  his laser vision ready to zap your face off. George's portrait of the man of steal would bitch slap all of the Bruce Waynes and Batmen together.

My son's first introduction to
the character was Christopher Reeve's version. When we were told "We would believe a man could fly." We did. Then again I believed it the first time and looking at these two examples the only difference is George's background is California. 
Brandon Routh had two great scenes in Superman Returns. The one on top of the roof and catching the airplane.
They shot Superman in the eye.
There are some conspiracies you might not have heard of. Captain Glen Miller's plane went missing during WW2, only years later did we find out it was bombed by accident. John Wilkes Booth got away with the assassination of Lincoln. John Dillinger fooled the FBI with a double. Patton was killed also. Don't buy O'Reilly's book. His book on JFK was a retelling of the Warren report. By this time if you still believe Oswald was the lone gunman then there's really no hope for you.
Like O'Reilly. The background on Glenn Miller is Glenn Miller's actual Tombstone.  That is the plane also. That is also the background of the Zapruder film. Even today we know the Zapruder film was tampered with.

This story is based on the biggest Lie of the century. That Adolph Hitler died in his bunker at the end of WW2. There was never a body found. The Russians said they had the bodies. And we were stupid enough to believe them. Later the skull of Hitler was that of a woman.   The F.B.I. had an open file on Hitler.
One of the best books on the subject of Hitler's escape  and has been widely plagiarized is GREY WOLF.
There are some great interviews with the author on Youtube.

What if Hitler survived and used 21 terrorists from connections with Farhud to carry off his plan of loading a bomber full of explosive and fly it into MANHATTAN? 


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