Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Conspiracies. The first one I ever heard involved, believe it or not  SUPERMAN. George Reeves (the only Superman) after playing the character on television for five years thought he was actually Superman and jumped out of a window. Later on I heard he had actually shot himself. Even that became a conspiracy. His wild, party girl, fiancee killed him......

George Reeves was an angry Superman. You could see him keeping his cool but simmering just below was  his laser vision ready to zap your face off. George's portrait of the man of steal would bitch slap all of the Bruce Waynes and Batmen together.

My son's first introduction to
the character was Christopher Reeve's version. When we were told "We would believe a man could fly." We did. Then again I believed it the first time and looking at these two examples the only difference is George's background is California. 
Brandon Routh had two great scenes in Superman Returns. The one on top of the roof and catching the airplane.
They shot Superman in the eye.
There are some conspiracies you might not have heard of. Captain Glen Miller's plane went missing during WW2, only years later did we find out it was bombed by accident. John Wilkes Booth got away with the assassination of Lincoln. John Dillinger fooled the FBI with a double. Patton was killed also. Don't buy O'Reilly's book. His book on JFK was a retelling of the Warren report. By this time if you still believe Oswald was the lone gunman then there's really no hope for you.
Like O'Reilly. The background on Glenn Miller is Glenn Miller's actual Tombstone.  That is the plane also. That is also the background of the Zapruder film. Even today we know the Zapruder film was tampered with.

This story is based on the biggest Lie of the century. That Adolph Hitler died in his bunker at the end of WW2. There was never a body found. The Russians said they had the bodies. And we were stupid enough to believe them. Later the skull of Hitler was that of a woman.   The F.B.I. had an open file on Hitler.
One of the best books on the subject of Hitler's escape  and has been widely plagiarized is GREY WOLF.
There are some great interviews with the author on Youtube.

What if Hitler survived and used 21 terrorists from connections with Farhud to carry off his plan of loading a bomber full of explosive and fly it into MANHATTAN? 

Friday, September 25, 2015

1940's Hollywood vs. 2001 Hollywood or What was Joe Simon drinking?

The  Super Suit  Ralph!

Joe Simon designed Caps's Star Spangled  Uniform. What he was on I will never know. How do you explain his outfit if he wasn't in the USO. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely did a great job explaing it was a USO costume in THE FIRST AVENGER. 

The 1990 CAPTAIN AMERICA compliments the 1998 Hasslehoff Nick Fury. They got the costume almost perfect. They left off the star on the back. The ears are fake but it works. Too bad they got nothing else right. The shield looks as though it came with a wiffle ball and bat.
To round this era off, if you can get a copy of Roger Corman's Fantastic
 Four. Actually none of the Fantastic Fours were any good. 
 Ferrigno's HULK....

Then the evolution of Rogers'
uniform in the FIRST AVENGER.

 OK enough of the History on film that doesn't help to explain what Mr.Simon was thinking. The pirate boots I've always read as a nod to the American Revolution. They look like Washington's boots. Not red of course. 
The suit is amazing. It's What Hugo Boss did for the Nazis. This is not camouflage. This is someone that is out front. He is the flag bearer.
The Greatest American Hero
Jimmy Stewart is the Greatest American Hero.
This star of Mr.Smith Goes To Washington is in reality a World War II hero. Look up what this man did. I don't see anyone today in Hollywood doing what this man did for his country.
Gary Senise is in his own category with Denzel Washington God bless them for what they do for our troops...  John Wayne is Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper. They both made great war films. They were both based on real American heroes. Great movies. Also great for morale.
But John Wayne was in every service on the Silver Screen. He was good for morale. Clark Gable Served. Humphrey Bogart got his lisp from a piece of wood that splintered up from the deck of his ship in WWI.
Lee Marvin from The Dirty dozen was a Marine in the Pacific theatre in WWII. Jack 'The King" Kirby also served in WWII.

Here I have a quasi-Kirby character played by James Cagney. if you look at the cover of the first CAPTAIN AMERICA comic take a look at Bucky. I could also see Cagney handling a Tommy-gun at the age of 16.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hitler's Werwolf were a guerrilla organization, created by Himmler made up of volunteer forces of elite troops in 1945.  But when people heard the word Werewolves.... 

They thought of 1941's Universal Studios' 'THE WOLFMAN'. You might think that is crazy but you have to realize people received their news from the RADIO. That was their INTERNET.

 Maybe they got it from one of Hearst's newspapers. 
One night on that radio in 1938 Halloween Eve, a young man faked an invasion from  the planet Mars and the people fell for it. Eventually that young man named Orson Welles would get a studio contract that no other Director in Hollywood had. He would use that deal to destroy  William Randolph Hearst. The way Hearst destroyed people using his papers.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


The one thing that stuck in my head was the character 'Dino" Dino Manelli was modeled after Dean Martin . Dean Martin before the roasts was 1/2 of the 1950's comedy team, Martin and Lewis. 

Maybe it was the fact Dean was a brilliant comic that I continued to base 2 more of the commandos on 2 more comedians.

Bill Cosby was used for Pvt. Gabriel Jones. I was a huge fan of Bill Cosby from the I SPY days. Not because the show was great  but  also the barrier that it broke.

I am sure Robert Culp is spinning in his grave right now. He would've written an I SPY script were Kelly Robinson finds out that Alexander Scott was Frank Marshall Davis, known to the F.B.I. to be a Stalinist agent working in the U.S. 

The Feds had Marshall monitored and marked for immediate arrest if WW3 broke out with the commies. This is   reserved for America's biggest terrorists, enemies and traitors.

Kelly would have to be the one to put down Scotty.

I had to put Bill down. When I started this story the assaults on women were not known. I did what most Americans wanted to do I shot Bill Cosby.

The other comic was Jewish comedian, the Rabbi  Jackie Mason. Dumm Dumm Dugan was Edward Woodward, The EQUALIZER. Pinky was based on David Niven. Go and watch his performance in the great WW2 movie "The Guns of Navarone."

When Fury tells Cap about his mission to find out about Hitler's 'Werewolves'. He's hoping Cap will believe his story thinking cap would understand after Cap's origin. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Empire State Building Sequence

The most recognized building in the world. The showdown for man vs beast in KING KONG.
Home to Doctor Clarke Savage, grandfather to all comic book heroes of the present and Art Deco based on a pencil. The launching point.This is where Fury tells Cap he knows how he was created hoping Cap would believe Fury's tale. Why his group was named the "Howling Commandos" I also wanted to make Cap believable, explain his shield and the star spangled uniform. 

The Shield. I read a story about a UFO crash in texas. On a farm in the late 1800's.I had my metal for my shield. the image of the tower on the farm reminded me of the HINDENBURG disaster, which in turn reminded me of Led Zeppelin who also had UFO imagery on their album covers.


We're just getting started.

The Howling Commandos next...

  I began this story shortly after I saw the Marvel drawing of Capt. America enlarged over the skyline of N.Y. City.  Nice drawing, I'm not so sure about the concept. I don't think a man that lived through December 7th, 1941, a date that would live in infamy would be crying. Marvel did have Cap fight the terrorists and then in the end they decided it was something we did and it was our fault.

  And I know he wouldn't be what ever the Hell he is doing in this illustration.  Oh yeah, this isn't 1941 when Cap was punching Ol' Adolf  right in the jaw. No this is the kindler, gentler, neutered male of the 21st Century. 

 What would it really be like if there was a Steve Rogers and Nick Fury?  Fury would be General George S. Patton. Not Listening to Ike and Turning America's Super Soldier loose before a politician has a chance to lose another war for the U.S. of A. 

    This is John Kerry boys and girls at Marvel. He will tell you he is a Vietnam war hero  but he won't tell for who's side. I'll give you a hint* This photo hangs in the room dedicated to "Foriegn Activists who helped the Commies beat the Americans" in the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum.

In other words in black and white He's a Traitor. He is the Benedict Arnold of the Vietnam conflict. While you're looking up who Benedict Arnold was look up "WINTER SOLDIER". That's right just like Bucky. Only John FN Kerry didn't need to be brainwashed. 

He just brokered us a deal into WW3. Taking sides with a country we still owe an ass kicking to from the 70's. Anyone waking up yet?

  Anyway back to Cap or Steve Rogers. The man would want to fight. 
After Pearl Harbor we all did. And so we enlisted by the millions.
We came from behind, We trained with broomsticks in place of rifles. building ourselves back into the greatest country in the world. 

  I might see Cap going down to his knees after that blow on 9/11 but he would take an Eight count and God help the sons of bitches in the other corner. Go listen to George C. Scott deliver the opening speech in "PATTON". 

 The first thing I thought of was the plan Hitler came up with. To load a bomber with TNT and fly it into Manhattan. Then the ties to the Farhud. These were MUSLIM Troops trained by Hitler's SS.

That was the spark. The beginning of the idea. The connection between the savage animals on 9-11 to Hitler's plan. 

Got that Marvel? Hitler, Muslims. On the same side. Who was Capt. America punching on the cover of the first issue?
 So where is the issue of Capt. America punching Osama Bin Laden's teeth into his gums?

I remember seeing NickFury in Charlton Heston's 'TRUE LIES'. 

That is who I based my Fury on. Right down to the eye patch. Sorry Mr. Jackson, He's the Sean Connery of Agent Furys. You are better than David Hasselhoff's Fury, I will give you that.

I started to assemble my cast. 

I wanted an actor to portray the new Hitlary appointed Field Director. Just as her fingerprints were all over the stolen 300 Congress FBI Files she would also gain control over S.H.I.E.L.D
I picked the talented actor Sean Penn. Hot off of playing Harvey Milk. The man who backed Guyana leader Jim Jones. He was also supposed to be on that ill fated little trip. It's a good thing he didn't go cause he could've been shot. Oh and Penn likes hanging out with dictators.

One of the greatest disappointments while doing this book was the downfall of comedian Bill Cosby. I was a big fan of Bill's comedy but also his work in 'I SPY' with Robert Culp. I modeled Pvt. Jones after him. Kept him around with Dum-Dum Dugan as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.  

 I also realized what had to be done and killed Mr. Cosby or Agent Jones.