Saturday, September 5, 2015

  I began this story shortly after I saw the Marvel drawing of Capt. America enlarged over the skyline of N.Y. City.  Nice drawing, I'm not so sure about the concept. I don't think a man that lived through December 7th, 1941, a date that would live in infamy would be crying. Marvel did have Cap fight the terrorists and then in the end they decided it was something we did and it was our fault.

  And I know he wouldn't be what ever the Hell he is doing in this illustration.  Oh yeah, this isn't 1941 when Cap was punching Ol' Adolf  right in the jaw. No this is the kindler, gentler, neutered male of the 21st Century. 

 What would it really be like if there was a Steve Rogers and Nick Fury?  Fury would be General George S. Patton. Not Listening to Ike and Turning America's Super Soldier loose before a politician has a chance to lose another war for the U.S. of A. 

    This is John Kerry boys and girls at Marvel. He will tell you he is a Vietnam war hero  but he won't tell for who's side. I'll give you a hint* This photo hangs in the room dedicated to "Foriegn Activists who helped the Commies beat the Americans" in the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum.

In other words in black and white He's a Traitor. He is the Benedict Arnold of the Vietnam conflict. While you're looking up who Benedict Arnold was look up "WINTER SOLDIER". That's right just like Bucky. Only John FN Kerry didn't need to be brainwashed. 

He just brokered us a deal into WW3. Taking sides with a country we still owe an ass kicking to from the 70's. Anyone waking up yet?

  Anyway back to Cap or Steve Rogers. The man would want to fight. 
After Pearl Harbor we all did. And so we enlisted by the millions.
We came from behind, We trained with broomsticks in place of rifles. building ourselves back into the greatest country in the world. 

  I might see Cap going down to his knees after that blow on 9/11 but he would take an Eight count and God help the sons of bitches in the other corner. Go listen to George C. Scott deliver the opening speech in "PATTON". 

 The first thing I thought of was the plan Hitler came up with. To load a bomber with TNT and fly it into Manhattan. Then the ties to the Farhud. These were MUSLIM Troops trained by Hitler's SS.

That was the spark. The beginning of the idea. The connection between the savage animals on 9-11 to Hitler's plan. 

Got that Marvel? Hitler, Muslims. On the same side. Who was Capt. America punching on the cover of the first issue?
 So where is the issue of Capt. America punching Osama Bin Laden's teeth into his gums?

I remember seeing NickFury in Charlton Heston's 'TRUE LIES'. 

That is who I based my Fury on. Right down to the eye patch. Sorry Mr. Jackson, He's the Sean Connery of Agent Furys. You are better than David Hasselhoff's Fury, I will give you that.

I started to assemble my cast. 

I wanted an actor to portray the new Hitlary appointed Field Director. Just as her fingerprints were all over the stolen 300 Congress FBI Files she would also gain control over S.H.I.E.L.D
I picked the talented actor Sean Penn. Hot off of playing Harvey Milk. The man who backed Guyana leader Jim Jones. He was also supposed to be on that ill fated little trip. It's a good thing he didn't go cause he could've been shot. Oh and Penn likes hanging out with dictators.

One of the greatest disappointments while doing this book was the downfall of comedian Bill Cosby. I was a big fan of Bill's comedy but also his work in 'I SPY' with Robert Culp. I modeled Pvt. Jones after him. Kept him around with Dum-Dum Dugan as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.  

 I also realized what had to be done and killed Mr. Cosby or Agent Jones. 

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