Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Empire State Building Sequence

The most recognized building in the world. The showdown for man vs beast in KING KONG.
Home to Doctor Clarke Savage, grandfather to all comic book heroes of the present and Art Deco based on a pencil. The launching point.This is where Fury tells Cap he knows how he was created hoping Cap would believe Fury's tale. Why his group was named the "Howling Commandos" I also wanted to make Cap believable, explain his shield and the star spangled uniform. 

The Shield. I read a story about a UFO crash in texas. On a farm in the late 1800's.I had my metal for my shield. the image of the tower on the farm reminded me of the HINDENBURG disaster, which in turn reminded me of Led Zeppelin who also had UFO imagery on their album covers.


We're just getting started.

The Howling Commandos next...

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