Saturday, September 12, 2015


The one thing that stuck in my head was the character 'Dino" Dino Manelli was modeled after Dean Martin . Dean Martin before the roasts was 1/2 of the 1950's comedy team, Martin and Lewis. 

Maybe it was the fact Dean was a brilliant comic that I continued to base 2 more of the commandos on 2 more comedians.

Bill Cosby was used for Pvt. Gabriel Jones. I was a huge fan of Bill Cosby from the I SPY days. Not because the show was great  but  also the barrier that it broke.

I am sure Robert Culp is spinning in his grave right now. He would've written an I SPY script were Kelly Robinson finds out that Alexander Scott was Frank Marshall Davis, known to the F.B.I. to be a Stalinist agent working in the U.S. 

The Feds had Marshall monitored and marked for immediate arrest if WW3 broke out with the commies. This is   reserved for America's biggest terrorists, enemies and traitors.

Kelly would have to be the one to put down Scotty.

I had to put Bill down. When I started this story the assaults on women were not known. I did what most Americans wanted to do I shot Bill Cosby.

The other comic was Jewish comedian, the Rabbi  Jackie Mason. Dumm Dumm Dugan was Edward Woodward, The EQUALIZER. Pinky was based on David Niven. Go and watch his performance in the great WW2 movie "The Guns of Navarone."

When Fury tells Cap about his mission to find out about Hitler's 'Werewolves'. He's hoping Cap will believe his story thinking cap would understand after Cap's origin. 

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