Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hitler's Werwolf were a guerrilla organization, created by Himmler made up of volunteer forces of elite troops in 1945.  But when people heard the word Werewolves.... 

They thought of 1941's Universal Studios' 'THE WOLFMAN'. You might think that is crazy but you have to realize people received their news from the RADIO. That was their INTERNET.

 Maybe they got it from one of Hearst's newspapers. 
One night on that radio in 1938 Halloween Eve, a young man faked an invasion from  the planet Mars and the people fell for it. Eventually that young man named Orson Welles would get a studio contract that no other Director in Hollywood had. He would use that deal to destroy  William Randolph Hearst. The way Hearst destroyed people using his papers.

I made the old time CBS microphone resemble one of H.G. Wells' machines that emerge from the meteors from Mars.

 The gypsy woman in the Wolfman movie played by Maria Ouspenkaya became the leader of an underground movement in my story. It made sense after I figured out where do you get a werewolf. Hitler rounded up gypsies. 

It all came together after that. They were looking for a werewolf among the gypsies. 

Not until I read an article in 2014 about Uncle Joe Stalin trying to create an ape soldier.
Back in the 20's a group of Russian scientists tried to inject women with chimpanzee ..........well all they ended up with were Democrats. 

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